Less than 1 in 5 people believe Brexit is going well

New polling for YouGov has shown a steep fall in the number of people who believe that Brexit is going well. A majority (53%) now believe it is going badly – with just 18% thinking the opposite.

Perhaps more strikingly still, only 35% of Leave voters (a 10 point drop since the 21st June) and only 39% of Conservative voters (a 12 point drop) believe Brexit is going well – with 29% and 25% believing the opposite, respectively.

The polling also reveals huge political party divides on the issue. Just 3% (!) of Labour voters believe Brexit is going well – with a stunning 81% thinking it is going badly. Opposition parties will be hopeful that some of the 25% of Conservative voters that believe Brexit is going badly will be willing to consider switching their votes.

This new data forms part of a trend in recent polling, which suggests support for the Brexit project is becoming more fragile as voters grow disillusioned in the face of its impacts.   

70% of the general public believe Brexit is a factor in supermarket shortages

Polling for Survation has found some 70 per cent of the UK believe that Brexit has been a factor in shortages at UK supermarkets – with 73 per cent also citing COVID-19 and 57% low pay for truck drivers.

The survey also found 68% people had personally experienced supermarket shortages.

This finding is especially significant because it appears to show that many, many more people are willing to attribute negative consequences to Brexit than believe the original decision to Leave the EU was a mistake.

Polling data aggregated by What UK Thinks EU has shown that, while support for the view that in hindsight it was ‘wrong’ to leave the EU has a consistent lead over ‘right’, this has oscillated at around 47 to 48 per cent of people.

Nonetheless, with far more people than this attributing negative impacts to Brexit, the government will be concerned that support could weaken further in the months and years ahead unless some of the disruption abates.