Report: Brexit – a failed project in a failing state

Danny Dorling explains how decades of jingoism and policy failure led to the UK’s exit from the EU.

We are pleased to present a major new report by Oxford professor Danny Dorling, published as part of the Brexit Spotlight project, a collaborative partnership between Another Europe Is Possible and the German political education foundation, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

In Brexit: a failed project in a failing state, Dorling surveys the data to identify the challenges that the four nations of the United Kingdom face, the sources of these problems and the impact on them that Brexit has had.

His answer – that Brexit has entirely failed to address the UK’s problems but also shouldn’t be seen as the source of them – adds important nuance to the arguments of the re-join movement. Now, seven years on from the decision to leave the EU, Brexit has animated tensions around the UK’s own constitutional settlement, while making it more difficult to tackle the inequalities blighting our society.

The report is a vital read for democrats, pro-Europeans and campaigners for social and political justice.

The report will be launched at the London School of Economics on the 25th October 2023 and includes an online option. Click here for more information and links to registration.