Our new event series: Britain’s rule of law crisis, how bad is it?

In the first event of our Brexit Spotlight 60-Minute Briefing Series, we talk to two leading activist lawyers about the dangerous signs of authoritarianism here in the UK.

When: Monday 22nd November, 6pm – 7pm (UK time)
Where: Online webinar


Dr Sam Fowles is a barrister at Cornerstone Chambers. He worked on the ground-breaking ‘Miller 2’ case (2019) which successfully argued at the Supreme Court that the prorogation of parliament during the Brexit crisis was unlawful.

Nyasha Weinburg is a barrister at 39 Essex Chambers and a research consultant in rule of law measurement at the Bingham Centre.

Q&A host:  

Dr Luke Cooper is the Editor of BrexitSpotlight.org, an Associate Researcher at LSE IDEAS, and the author of Authoritarian Contagion; the Global Threat to Democracy (Bristol University Press, 2021).

The British national psyche rarely likes to imagine that the UK is an authoritarian rule-breaker, bent on diminishing democratic rights and freedoms at home, while tearing up international rules and governance overseas.

But the trend in recent legislation and political practice is crystal clear: towards fewer protections against the arbitrary use of power, and the weakening of fundamental human rights and the rule of law.

From judicial review to the right to protest, elections regulation, international refugee law, and the government’s on-going threats over the UK-EU Brexit deal, there’s a pattern of increasing authoritarianism.  

This event discusses what we mean by “the rule of law”, the actions and legislation that are undermining it here in the UK, and what we can do to protect and strengthen democracy.

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