24 hours is a long time at Mail newspapers

How it started, how it’s going

The Mail on Sunday condemned BBC for reporting (the widely accepted view in the industries impacted) that Brexit has been a factor in the labour shortages gripping the UK.

It’s an outrage

It seems a day is a long-time in the life of the Mail editors. On the 27 September – so just over 24 hours later – the sister publication of the Mail on Sunday, the Daily Mail, had this to say

It’s outrageously true

The newspaper reported how Edwin Atema, from the Dutch FNV union, had suggested that Brexit might well be a factor in the labour shortages gripping the UK. After all, successive governments have built a global reputation for a super exploited labour force with the rush to deregulate after Brexit clearly putting European workers off:   

“Pay is an important area but not the only area. People in Europe and across Europe have completely lost trust in this industry.

“Before the coronavirus crisis and Brexit this industry was sick already. Plagued by expectation, by irresponsible multinationals who drag down prices, which ended up with drivers voting with their feet and leaving the industry.

“The EU workers that we speak to will not go to the UK for a short term visa to help UK out of the s**t they created themselves.”